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Default Broken 500 FR and Broken 200 BK with minimal rest

Alan Perez - You reminded me of one of my favorite ways of combining FR and BK. Like you, my tuneup today was 1000y equally divided between FR and BK. Tomorrow I'll do it your way. I"ll time it and probably make it a semi-standard tuneup.

Fri 4 Dec 2000y in 40 min at SUNY
5 x 200 FR-BK on 3:40 Descend while holding constant SPL.
This was a nearly-exact repeat of a tuneup set I swam at Bard College last Friday. I strained an adductor muscle yesterday. This limits me to swimming only backstroke and freestyle until it heals. This is one of my favorite ways to mix FR and BK.
Here's the set
#1 4x (25FR+25BK)
#2 2x (50FR+50BK)
#3 100FR/100BK
#4 2x (50FR/50BK)
#5 4x (25FR+25BK)
My stroke counts (14FR, 15BK) and times 3:36-3:18 were exactly the same as last Friday.
Tomorrow when I swim Alan's 1000y set -- 2 x 500 -- I'll compare my SPL and pace with what I did on 200s today.

Main Task
Next weekend I'll swim 5 events at a Masters meet at Ithaca College--my first meet in four years. 500 FR and 200 BK are two of them, so I decided to swim them in 'broken' fashion today as a rehearsal and gauge of what I might do.
Broken 500 FR -- 5 x 100 FR on :10 rest
I held 15 SPL. My cumulative time was 6:58 - an average of 1:23 per 100.
Then I swam a single 50 BK as recovery, followed immediately by
Broken 200 BK -- 4 x 50 BK on :10 rest
I held 15+17SPL and my cumulative time was 3:08 - an average of :47 per 50.

This was a very satisfactory rehearsal for swimming in the meet. I'll swim 5 events, and try to give my best effort on each, which means I'll have to focus to stay efficient as fatigue accumulates in the later events. Swimming these two near-max efforts with very little rest between was a good test for how I'll handle that.
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