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Originally Posted by wrobertdavis View Post
a few words printed on the screen did not tell me what I was looking at or looking for. Its been totally frustrating and I abandoned the whole idea of using these materials, though I am certainly sold on the swimming techniques.
I'm sorry I didn't see your comments sooner. Did you study the Workbook that accompanies the 15 downloadable videos? If you find the music distracting, just turn the sound off. However the purpose of the on-screen titles is to serve as short-hand reminders for the far more detailed information in the Workbook.

We decided to go in this direction because it's possible to include far more comprehensive guidance in the Workbook--in the form of both text and many photos of critical positions and moments in the stroke--than would be possible in the usual voiceover on a video.

On our next release--Expert Skills--we'll probably do both.
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