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kick action hasnt improved much, the arm action has.
More rotation of the hand on entry to slice in and dig deep to get a bowl of water on the hand and arm fast. Feels like the handpalm is facing the water at entry almost. Catch feels more like a freestyle catch now.
Shoulders at the end of range of motion to get optimal grip at the front with a high elbow idea, but they are stretched at every stroke so thats only becoming easier.
Little less elbow bend and straighter shallower push backwards, but deeper catch.
The shoulders and core are getting stronger and I can really power up and accellerate without much trouble or slippage, keeping the body pretty straight.
More shoulder roll to really get more of the body involved in the propulsion.
Goes along with a bit of body bending like Lochte is doing, but the extra force available offsets the slight drag increase by bringing part of the upperbody forward into the catch, slightly breaking perfect alignment. There is a lot of power laying around te corner with this technique.
Relaxed backstroke is faster than medium effort breaststroke now. Mostly 2BK plus some faint extra kicks.
Have to get more kick going, but also can ingrain upperbody mechanics more so it doesnt start to stutter when focussing on legtiming.

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