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focal points I am playing with and seem to be important.

-Keeping the body straight Pushing the very upper back a bit round and looking slightly backward seems too work just as good as keeping everything straight and getting a lot of water over the head balance wise.
-get a good left -right half snappy roll
- Thrust the hand in the water pushing through downward and getting first a hand than an arm full of water as fast as possible. Not a single pause from rcovery to entry. The movent keeps going like a big wheel. The wheel is rather heavy , so you only can accelerate it a bit now and then, but the wheel keeps slowly spinning.
-Emd of push =start of connecting with water at the front.
-Timing. Halfway recovery must sync rather precise with transition to push phase
The body starts to sink after the recoveryarm is pointing straight up.
right at that time the push phase should start. Pushing the water down a bit to keep body level.
-fishtailing can be corrected by an outward endpush at the very end, making the whole pull very S like.
Not the most efficient perhaps, but without much kick it keeps the body tracking straight.

some interesting stuff about different styles

Aquatic posture and kicktiming are totally opposite compared to freestyle for me.
Freestyle feels horrible after much backstroke. Takes 50 m to get it dialed in again.
Things learned from backstroke that can be applied in freestyle:
-Loading of the underwater part with the weight of the above water part dynamic or static, depending on strokerate.
-smoothness and relaxation in movement to extract every bit of traction on the water during the stroke
-staying long, level and rotating around a straight line.

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