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Originally Posted by terry View Post

My broken 1650 time today, at same range of stroke counts, was 1 min 48 sec faster than two months ago, an improvement of just over 7%.I made this improvement on a total of only 44,000 training yards, which I believe is a pretty significant payoff for rather modest training.
Hi Terry, really impressive: another way to see it (assuming that also the RPE between the 2 test was the same and that this broken distance corresponds to a straight 1500m on race day) is that your 100m pace over 1500m has improved from 1:41/100m to 1:34/100m in 2 months and only 44k yards. For sure 7s/100m in 2 months is a huge improvement to me, regardless of yardage.

Do you think a concurrent element for this quick result, together with skill mastery of course, is that the 1st baseline was taken right after 7 months without swimming (not that 1:41/100m over 1500 after 7 months of stop is a leisure pace by the way)?
Or I put it this way: now that you swam consistently for 2 months and you are well trained, how many more seconds per 100m do you think you could gain in the next 2 months at the same yardage and training strategy?

Thanks in advance!
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