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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
I've really come to appreciate these kinds of practices--it's a great opportunity to ignore the clock completely and just FEEL, which sets up lots of opportunities to notice what is happening in a very curious, non-judgmental way.

I had been missing out the "noticing" aspect of practice a little, since all of my sessions came with pre-conceived goals to some extent (focus on recovery, work toward increased tempos, etc.)
Too few people recognize the value of this. My new book on Ti training methodology will have a chapter on mindfulness in which I will devote some space to exactly this as a practice goal.

I think it's just a semantic difference to say mindfulness-ly challenging vs. cognitively challenging. The latter can include noticing or blending several focal points. Or it can include math. But in a restorative practice, you'd simply be doing those at an RPE below 3.
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