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Originally Posted by daveblt View Post
I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this .In the book Extraordinary swimming Terry mentions that freestyle is the most difficult stroke to master and butterfly is the most grueling. I Was thinking maybe butterfly is the most grueling and the most difficult to master ? Or at least for some ? Any thoughts?
Didn't Terry just write that butterfly has the /reputation/ of being the most grueling stroke to learn? Since I started learning to swim a little over 1.5 years ago, I recall ALL strokes as being "grueling" at first. Butterfly continues to challenge me the most, but it isn't as grueling as it used to be.

To put a positive spin on the butterfly, maybe think of it as the most satisfying or impressive stroke to master. hehe Really, it doesn't seem to be a practical stroke so what purpose does it serve other than to be cool?
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