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Originally Posted by daveblt View Post
I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this .In the book Extraordinary swimming Terry mentions that freestyle is the most difficult stroke to master and butterfly is the most grueling. I Was thinking maybe butterfly is the most grueling and the most difficult to master ? Or at least for some ? Any thoughts?

What is particularly difficult about freestyle, I think, is breathing. When you're doing backstroke, you hardly even need to think about breathing. When you're doing breaststroke or butterfly, there's a point in the stroke where it's natural to breathe. But if you do freestyle in the most natural way, you don't breathe at all. You have to alter the natural stroke to fit in breathing. So you have breathing strokes and non-breathing strokes, and they're not entirely the same.

When people have trouble mastering butterfly, it's usually because of the way it's being taught.

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