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Default The elegance & grace of freestyle...

I believe, one has to consider other aspects of freestyle, that might not be evident in butterfly, and thus, consider freestyle as the more difficult stroke to master. One such aspect as grace for instance, which one may not readily see in butterfly. I've even read a description of the freestyle stroke as "elegant". Now if elegance & grace are to be considered as the other dimensions in freestyle...then I would tend to agree that it is one difficult stroke to master vis-a-vis butterfly.

After learning freestyle & butterfly the TI way - which I just began earnestly less than four months ago - and even having a certain degree of "voodooism" in my 2BK, I am still far from being consistent and graceful, even for just a couple of laps, in my spear entry. Also, I would like to and still far from having "graceful & elegant" glide.

Surprisingly, yesterday, in the midst of a rainstorm, and after doing a 2K session of freestyle & breaststroke, I finally did 4 X 50M butterfly. And I felt more satisfied - performance-wise - with my butterfly than with my freestyle. Consider also that I have not done butterly in 50's. It has always been in tandem with a mini-fly or freestyle (because you are right it is just too grueling).

Caveat...considering that all these being subjective, personal...this input maybe highly biased. For sure...he he he!


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