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I've had great results with the Aqua Sphere anti-fog solution on my Seal Mask goggles. Just a couple of drops on each goggle, rub it around with my finger, then rinse. Rinsing well is important. Once I neglected to do so before a 3K race. About 400m into the race one eye began to sting. Before long I couldn't see out of that eye and it remained irritated for a couple of months after.

I've also had great results with toothpaste and baby shampoo. No fogging at all, even while swimming round Manhattan for 8 and 9 hours.

Occasionally I'll smear toothpaste on the goggle before leaving for the lake so it's on there for 30 min before I rinse it off.

You're putting the solution, etc. on the inside, right?
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