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Originally Posted by mgruebe3 View Post
Coach Stuart I think your a talking about me above... seems myself and my siblings have the same issue with sinking. I was on the site looking for solutions for the issue with floating on my back in drill 1 of FME
HI Mgruebe: Many new swimmers feel they are sinkers, especially guys. Much is caused by tension in neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Once you are able to truly relax into weightlessness is when you will start to feel suspended and not sink. A good test to see whether you are a true sinker, in shallow pool, fill your lungs and hold breath, then wrap your arms around knees and see if you bob on the surface or you sink. I suspect you will easily stay on surface.

Here's a blog I wrote about working with a true sinker that will help too:

Give the sink test a try and let us know how it goes


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