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Default Multi-Descending Sets with Active Rest

Tues Dec 11 2100y in 45 min at SUNY New Paltz

Today's practice was short and sweet--my favorite kind lately; nearly all of my practices the last three weeks have been less than an hour--and great fun too.

Warmup/Tuneup 400 'Modified Medley' [25FR+25BK+25FR]
This is a favorite warmup of mine. A continuous swim, changing strokes every 25, which starts and finishes with 25FR.
I'm planning to make this my standard warmup for the next month or so.
I maintained the same stroke counts FR@13SPL, BK@14SPL, BR@7SPL and timed it. Today I did it in 7 min 20 sec. I'll see how much time I can wring out of that -- and see how consistent I am from day-to-day.

Set # 1 3 rounds of 50 BK + 50BK/BR (by 25s) + 50 BR + 50 FR
I did these on a 1:00 interval.
The first three 50s in each round were timed and 'effortful.'
The 50 FR was Active Rest.
My goal was to swim a faster range of times in each successive round without adding strokes.
Round 1: BK :51 - BK/BR :55 - BR :56 (not much rest here.)
Round 2: BK :50 - BK/BR :53 - BR :54
Round 3: BK :47 - BK/BR :50 - BR :51
Very pleased with how well I executed this task.

Set #2 3 rounds of 3 x 100 FR on 1:40 + 50 BK on 1:00
This set was the same kind of task as Set #1 but One Stroke, Three Counts.
I did each round as follows
100 @ 13 SPL
100 @ 14 SPL
100 @ 15 SPL
50 BK - Active Rest.
My times were
Round 1 1:21-1:20-1:19
Round 2 1:20-1:19-1:18
Round 3 1:19-1:18-1:18
I fell just short of executing this task perfectly -- I slightly missed a turn on the last 100 and failed to swim that faster. I'll do better next time.

I left the pool feeling 'chuffed' as they say in England.
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