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Coach McDougal, are you saying that everyone can float horizontally? I would like a poll of the forum to see how many of us can achieve this in all circumstances.
I've been a follower of TI for about 6 years. In salt water my legs float to the surface and I feel like a seal in the water, totally comfortable. In fresh my legs slowly sink. At best in s.g., stretched out with my arms breaking the surface I maintain an angle of about 30 degrees from horizontal. I manage this well enough with forward motion and posture when swimming but I'm aware that I'm not as confident in the middle of a lake as in the ocean.
My chest floats fine but my legs are described as Pukeko (waterhen to you northern hemispheres) by the family. That is, long skinny and all bone and stringy muscle.
I'd be profoundly grateful if you could give me something to work on. Sorry I cant get to your class.

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