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Originally Posted by Ken B View Post
Charles, with your permission, and ss, I took my fins to the pool and tried your rotation and unco drills, good fun.

Then I tried freestyle without kicking, holding my feet still and fins together. I was amazed at how much pressure rotation put on my thighs and how hard it was to resist knee bend and a toe flick. It also lifted my hips too high and made breathing difficult. An illuminating experiment for me.

Any experience aimed at raising awareness is a great experience, and I can't possibly think of any single exception here.

I was recently being asked about the usefulness of swimming the full stroke underwater as a drill. To do it regularlly? Not convinced. As a means of raising awareness? Great idea. Swimming with a long sleeve T-Shirt, with a pull buoy, with fins and a pull buoy, with fins a pull buoy a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, + a pair of hand paddles, who cares, bring it on!

How can become more aware be a bad thing....
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