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Tried today to swim with no kick and could not do it at all. I practiced for over 2 hours on some other mindful training and at the end of the session it was muted that you should be able to swim with no kick . My legs just sink completely. Should i go back and spend months again on all the drills that i am very good at. Am i bad at swimming because i can not balance/float. I have just passed my fitness test at work with flying colours so tried not to get too frustrated today when a 68 year old man who had heart problems was doing 35 strokes a length in 40 sec in a 50 mtr pool. He was doing one length at a time . I must be doing something fundamentally wrong and i am prepared to work at it but surely i should not be as bad as i am. If i do not ever get balance should i stay with that until i do.?
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