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Originally Posted by terry View Post
I swam yesterday (Apr 17) with Willie Miller in a pond (might be called Sparkling Ridge Lake) directly below the Shawangunk Ridge. It was my earliest Shawangunk lake swim ever by just over a week.
The water temp was about 56F. It stung, and took my breath away for the first few minutes, then felt steadily better. By the time we'd finished our first 400m length, it felt physically invigorating and mentally exhilarating - both the 'thrillingly cold' water and swimming outdoors again.

I had biked to Lake Awosting Monday - which is on top of the ridge, maybe 1200' higher altitude - but it was just too cold, at 46F, for my first swim of the season; I'm reasonably well adapted to that temp at the beginning of Nov but not in April when I've been swimming for months in an 88F Endless Pool. We'll start swimming there when temps get into mid-50s, by which time the pond should be mid-60s. I'd like to try to get as much sub-60 swimming as I can, since it seems healthful.
Even though it was cold I'm sure it was a huge psychologically boost for you as well being able to get out and swim OW again. Being confined to an endless pool I'm sure can feel a bit monotonous even though you were able to fine tune your technique. I also enjoy pool swimming for the same reasons but I have to admit there is nothing sweeter than being out in the OW.
I have similiar goals to swim in cold water but I know it will take sometime to get acclamated.
Wish you a healthful recovery.
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