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Originally Posted by terry View Post
I'd like to try to get as much sub-60 swimming as I can, since it seems healthful.
I have gone into the 53-54 degree waters of Aquatic Park one mile from Alcatraz lately and without a wetsuit. I have only swam open water once. In that Lagoon in Newport Dunes down in SoCal.
Is swimming in especially chilly waters that health-inducing?
If it's so healthy, then why does everybody have to use a couple of swim caps and ear plugs? It's just weird to me that if you were to swim with nothing more than a swimsuit in icy waters, that it could be considered both healthy & harmful at the same time. Sort of like wine & dark chocolate.
With that said, I will say that I do like the idea of my body being immersed in the ocean, regardless of temperature, to soak up the minerals, energy, etc. And ocean cold water wakes me and energizes me way more and in a different way than a couple of espressos in the morning . . . . but "surfer's ear" is an extreme reaction by the body to protect itself from cold water. I am actually curious to know what benefits have been proven to be true. It's maybe the mantra I need to repeat to myself as I go through the cold pain barrier and push myself into the icy sea.
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