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Hi all> I was using a friends login (bugmenot) earlier to post and finally have my own account now! I have found this website so helpful that I intend to return for any questions I will have. This is a great community, everyone helping to improve the sport!!

To CoachEricD,
That kind of set is something we would do well into taper. We were still doing did several broken swims 1-2 weeks out from conference. We probably had 3-4 days total of broken swims within the last 3 weeks.
For example one day in a set of 4x50s on 1:00, I went a 1:36.5...and then at conference I go a 1:43.
The same with my 100; we had a one day doing 50/50, 50/50, 75/25...and I was going 46.lows
And another day doing a 200/100 & 50 broken. All of these swims each of these days at race pace.

Everyone's muscles seemed fully recovered by the time conference rolled around, but if it really takes 6 weeks to recover the nervous system then we need to be sprinting a lot less during our taper. Should the taper be focused more strictly on technique? How much 'all out' swimming should be included in the final weeks before the meet?

I like the way you describe cat/dog training too...I don't know where I would categorize myself yet either. I definitely didn't mind doing 9-10k a day during the college season because I know I'm going to have something to taper from, but then again I am really enjoying the way I am training now doing only 5-6k.
I might also tend to agree that there was simply too much aerobic traing for myself and not enough focused towards quality, technique and kick. It's funny that you mention 20x100s on 1:10 too, because that is the exact set that we did today (holding 1:05s and :59 for the last 100)..haha.

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