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Thank you for the response. I found many things you mention very insightful, especially the last couple lines in the first post. Also in your first post the line where you write,

"The pain, frustration and disappointment of working so hard -- indeed the slower I went, the harder I worked -- and feeling so hopeless and clueless about having all my times be slower are still fresh in my mind."

hits close to home. I almost wanted to never see a pool again after my conference meet...but I am determined to change my last memory of competion swimming to something more positive.

I have posted my split times as well, which you had also mentioned, all slightly above that 2 second margin you mention. The first split of the 50 seems necessary to be going my goal time of 45.xx though.

And for your second Very insightful. With weights/everyday morning sometimes proved difficult to "get going" on quality days. My best quality set this year was probably 6x100s off the blocks on 8 minutes holding a 50.low average. The guys next to me that ended up going 44/45s at conference were holding 52/53s (or even worse some of them were going 55s...)

I definitely am not the guy that sprints the warmup either -- I pay attention to technique and getting myself ready to race in the main set. I will definitely try to focus my efforts on more specific areas of practice though.

Could you expand a bit when you say "the primary role of aerobic training should be to aid in restoration and recovery, not to continue trying to gain fitness."
Every Monday our sprint group would do something long, at least 20x100 on 1:10 or faster, over the rest of the week we would do probably at least another 4,000 on this this too much aerobic for a sprinter? Are you saying this aerobic training midseason, may actually be hurting us?

And lastly I am glad to hear from another person to continue swimming too, thank you for the encouragement! Thanks again for the long response!
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