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thanks for the responses.

In response to RichardSK:
First off I took a look at my 100's at conference over the past four years and here are exact splits. And yes SCY is what I have trained and focused most of my efforts towards, although I am focused on training for a LCM meet this summer. I think I am splitting what need to, to go my goal times 45.xx.
(22.51, 24.49), 47.00
(22.15, 24.69), 46.84
(22.18, 24.83), 47.01
(22.26, 24.97), 47.23

In response to Rhoda:
I am a college swimmer -- so with my classes and completing a double major/double minor in four years I have kept myself pretty busy. Other than school though...not a whole lot more going internship my senior year as well, but I ensure at least 8/9 hours of sleep every night.

I have sat down with coachs for more advice, several times throughout my college career even...and some of it has proved helpful, but on the same token, times have not dropped as much as I had expected. I am tapering for my meets, but have guessed that with my size, I am possibly not tapering enough. After 6 months of leaving everything in the pool, training 9k+ yards total a day...I then tapered for 3 weeks. No more weights, just some light dryland and abs. Around 5-6k the first week, 4-5k the second week, 2-3k the last week and 1.5k the last 2-3 days before the meet. Do I need even more rest? I have heard of some guys doing 3-4k for 6 weeks before their big meets...

I maintain my weight too ( I am 6'5'' and 195). I cook all my meals and have read several books on sports nutrition to ensure that I my meals are appropriate for training and recovery.

To both, I will check into both of those websites.
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