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Default swimming beyond college?

I have just finished my senior year in college swimming. I came into college dropping huge amounts of time my freshman year. The next four years, while there was slight improvements in my events (50/100/200 Free), the improvements were just tenths. I went slower in my 50/100 at my final conference meet than I did my freshman year.

In the 100...senior year of high school 49.7, first year of college 47.0, 2nd 46.8, 47.2, 47.2....I am beating guys consistly in practice on a daily basis that are going 44s/45s.

I am practing much better making sets that I would have never made my freshman year. I know that all aspects of my ability in the sport has improved, and every coach has told me this.. my technique, kick, underwater, starts all improved...but my times have remained the same at meets. Why? What do I need to focus on to start dropping times again?
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