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Default High Volume 50s Practice #2

I revisited the High Volume 50s practice today. I had been in Japan for 9 days and the pools there were too warm to do a high-intensity practice such as this. I attempted one early in my visit and become overheated quickly.

Set #1 Tuneup
Swim 4 x 50 + 2 x 100 + 1 x 200. Hold SPL at 13-14 throughout. Aim to improve average pace as repeat distance increases.
Cumulative 200 times (from adding up shorter repeats)
50s: 2:57
100s: 2:53
200: 2:49
This is a repeat of one of my favorite tuneups. Increasing pace as repeats get longer is normally a challenge, but since I start 'cold' it becomes a little easier. This is a good warmup for someone aiming to swim distance.

Set #2 Main Set
5 Broken 500s as follows
1-2: 7 x Brisk/Strong 50s, alternating with 6 x easy 25s.
3-5: 10 x Brisk/Strong 50s on an interval. Swim 100 EZ between rounds.

The first time I tried this set 3 weeks ago, I did all 5 x Broken 500 as 50-25-50-25-50-25-50-25-50-25-50-25-50 with the 50s Fast-Paced and the 25s Easy. At that time I managed to average 38 sec only for the final set.

Swimming easy repeats between faster repeats is known as Active Rest. It's very popular among runners, less so among swimmers.

Today, I started out intending to repeat this set exactly as before, but after swimming two rounds this way I decided to switch to Passive Rest - i.e. swimming the 50s on a particular interval with my rest determined by how fast I swam.
Round #3 was 10 x 50 on 45 sec. I.E. If I averaged 38 sec for the 50s, I would get only 7 sec rest.
Round #4 was 10 x 50 on 50 sec. If I averaged 38 sec, I would now get 12 sec rest between repeats.
Round #5 was 10 x 50 on 60 sec. Averaging 38 sec would now give me 22 sec rest.

I increased rest interval as a 'hedge' against anticipated fatigue.

In the event I was more pleased with how I swam on Passive rest (i.e. wait at the wall until next repeat) than Active rest (swim an easy 25 before next repeat).

But because my rest was relatively brief, this was still a good simulation of the demands of racing a 500.

Again my best round was the last. This time I may have averaged just under 38 sec for the final 10 x 50.
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