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Terry, i love these sets. the other day after teaching a lesson, I had time to do about 5 x 100 IM. The digital pace clock was off and my watch was not at I took advantage of the opportunity to eliminate all measures of "good" or "bad" timewise.

I simple focused on gliding with each stroke and a feeling of ease and relaxation. My SC averages were BK 14-15, BR 7-8, FL 9-10, FR 15-16

I find it curious I can easily achieve a lower SC in backstroke routinely than freestyle, and see it as a possible point of improvement in FLY to try and match my breaststroke count.

I have not spent a lot of time on all strokes, but like to do 100IMs in sets of 5 or easy 10s at the end of workouts.

I have yet to try the broken 500 fast 50s, but will add it to my list.
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