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Default "High-Volume 50s" Set

I got this idea from exercise researcher Mike Joyner and Runner's World editor (and former elite marathoner) Amby Burfoot. We correspond regularly and in the last few days they were discussing plans to conduct a joint experiment in the spring with a run-training method that involves doing many repeats of 200m fast-paced run alternating with 100m walk or slow jog. Both plan to use it once a week to train for a marathon. Amby used it previously with good results.
Mike wrote: " I start out with about 20 x 200 then add 2-4 per week until I get to 40. I The goal is to stride them but be under control."

The swimming equivalent of 200m would be 50m, but I'm swimming in a 25y pool, so I decided to try something similar with high volume 50 yd repeats. Here's today's practice incorporating that idea.

Monday January 17, 2011 3500 @ SUNY
This is my first pool practice in nearly two weeks, part of which I spent at our Open Water Camp in Maho Bay.

Set #1 8 x 100 IM on 2:00. Hold SPL constant @ 8+16+8+14 and descend.
This was one of my fairly common Ďopení warmup/tuneup sets with no pre-determined # of repeats. I continue as long as my stroke count holds constant and times keep improving. I set the max at 8 repeats.
I descended from 1:55 to 1:43 and actually took only 7 Fly strokes on the final 2.

Set #2 5 x Broken 500 on 1:00 rest.
Each broken 500 was 7 Fast-paced 50s @ 29 strokes, with a recovery 25 between. 7 x 50 + 6 x 25 = 500 yds.
My best broken 500 was the 5th on which I averaged 38 sec for the fast-paced 50s which is a 500 pace of about 6:20. I will repeat this set once a week through February. Iíll swim a similar set once a week combining all strokes.
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