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Default Open water swim near DC

I live in Pasadena MD - near Gibson Island on the Magothy River - it's a shallow river and I hate swimming in it especially after the jelly fish come in
-thus I swim at my boyfriend's in Edgewater. He lives on the water and I will practice in Pocahontas Creek (again when the Jelly fish are not around) - if you would like to contact me maybe we can work something out. He will usually get in the kayak and paddle along to make sure that any of the boaters coming in and out of the creek are aware of the fact that there are people in the water. I will swim from his pier to a neighbor's pier and turn around - it's roughly 365 yards one way (scoped with my golf range finder) - the water is at least 8 feet deep, thus you'll never touch bottom (unless you having some serious issues ).

You are welcome to contact me at any time to see if we can arrange things. My work e-mail address is Take care.
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