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I haven't had the opportunity to swim consistently for a pretty long time, about 3 yrs. really, since I spend a lot of time coaching. About 2 weeks ago I had 3 days to swim & thought I'd break out a TT to give it a try... Ooooooh! I'm way behind the curve among TI coaches, but...

Anyway I typically swim at a time pace of about 1:40/100 yds. at 9 SPL. That's my "cruise" speed & even out of shape I can pretty much do it all day. When I swim outdoors it's 1:50/100 meters (short course) & 10 SPL.
This is with open turns, a great streamline, 1 dolphin. Usually by the time I break out & start swimming my feet are well past the flags. I do this because it's a crucial pool swimming skill that I teach & therefor practice - maximize underwater time by maintaining momentum from push-off to breakout. It means I only "swim" about 18 yds./length. With flip turns it's about 19 yds.
At 6'3" & 290 lbs. (soaking wet) I've got plenty of core weight to shift which helps, too!
Those stats are also why I haven't debuted on YouTube yet...

I started at 1.70, but couldn't "swim" at that setting.
I moved it down to 1.65 & still had a noticeable hole in each stroke.
At 1.60 I could swim pretty smoothly, albeit feeling sluggish. so I backed it up .05 & that is where I started working the TT.

So, over 3 days I did these sets all in sc meters:
I did all of the sets on a time interval of 1:15 to get plenty of rest so I could be sure I wouldn't run out of gas. I like doing time interval sets on times ending in a 5 because it's easier to keep track of how many I've done. This was a leisurely pace, but it still kept me breathing (a little) heavy. My goal was to see how low (TT) I could go & still keep my SPL at 10/11 each 50.

Day 1
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.65
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.60
I averaged :47 & was able to keep my SPL at 10 down/11 back (there's a serious circular current in this pool, so on the side I swam on I was going "upstream" on the way back) with a few exceptions where I added one stroke on a few lengths.

Day 2
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.60
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.55
I averaged :46 & was still able to hold 10/11 with a couple of exceptions as above.

Day 3
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.55
10x50 @ 1:15 @ TT 1.50
Averaged just under :45 & held SPL at 10/11 with one 9(down) & three 12s(back) over the 20 50s.

I think one of the reasons I was able to keep at 10/11 pretty consistently was because I got better at breaking out on the beep. By day 3 I was able to figure out that it mostly took 2 beeps to take my first stroke - actually it was my first (2 beat) kick. I kicked on the beep since that's really how I start each stroke. For quite a few of the 50s I did over these 3 sets I had some really weird feeling breakouts & first strokes. Some I'd breakout too soon & have to either hang my arm too long or breakout too late & have to "squeeze" in 2 "short" strokes to get on tempo.

Not sure where this is heading, but it's all pretty interesting.
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