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Congratulations to a good swim. As I can read it, you made a terrific race. But how do you know your SR when racing? Are you using your TT during the race?

I am sure that Terry has some scientific explanation to your thoughts about your race, but to me, with my relatively limited experience of OW racing, you did the right thing. If you open the race at such a high rate as 1,0 and not used to hit, you will have a problem after some 20 minutes of the race. If you then struggle to keep the pace you will have a tough time at the end. To me it is logical to begin the race at a lower pace than used later in the race. After all you are normally not that well warmed up when you start an OW race. And it is so mentally encouraging when you pass swimmers towards the end, isn't it? That is a real good feeling.

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