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....As the action heats up, the also-rans tend to resort to wheel-spinning, while winners can increase rate with little or no loss of SL.
At the 2.4 mile race I did last weekend, I tried to incorporate a faster SR, closer to 1.1 than my previous SR of 1.5. I have been practicing the faster pace for only a month,so it was obvious that it was still not ingrained totally.

I will try some of these sets to see what my optimal SR might be.

What I found difficult was that as fatigue set in at about the 1.5 mile point my SR dropped, probably to 1.4, I got that spinning-wheels sensation. Not just a sensation, but real, because I would temporarily get things together and pass several people, then I would flounder and those same people would pass me. This repeated several times, but with 600 yards to go, I decided to pick up the pace and had my SR at 1.0 (approx). I felt much more solid, I passed those people, and then several more, and at the end of the race, I felt like I could have continued that faster pace for quite some time. But, could I have? And should I have picked up the pace earlier, and how much earlier? Should I have maintained the faster pace at the 1.5 mile mark even though I was feeling fatigued?

How do you reproduce that fatigue factor in practice in order to be able to know how to respond in that situation?
John Carey
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