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Default Eliminating Nose Clip

Following my questions a couple of weeks ago, I have been working on swimming without the nose clip.

I reviewed the video carefully and practised the drills leading up to whole stroke swimming. With the holidays I have been able to go more regularly which has been great for practising.

I have been swimming much more slowly and stopping after each length to recover and reflect on what I have just done. This has kept me unrushed and relaxed. It also eliminates that feeling of breathlessness.

Breast-stroke is much easier without the nose clip, I find. So I start each swimming session with 2 to 4 laps of breast-stroke to focus on exhaling through my nose and keeping my mouth open underwater.

I had been swimming freestyle breathing on every third stroke. Without the nose clip I have gone back to breathing on every second stroke, alternating sides on alternate laps. This has highlighted differencesin breathing on each side (chocolate and vanilla) that I did not notice breathing every third breath. It is now a drill in its own right for me, trying to isolate and eliminate those differences.

I can now swim again on every third breath, but my focus is to become relaxed again integrating the breathing.

One focus point I have found useful in trying not to roll too far on a breathing stroke: I try to look just over the edge of the water with one eye as I come up. It's fun to look just at water level and puts my head at the correct position.

I hope this is helpful. Any further comments are welcome.

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