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Red face Keep listing to the right while speeding up??

Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
Today I participated in an Open Water Swim (1MILE=1,650m) and managed to swim in 38min (2 minutes faster than my previous two attempts in NOV and in FEB).

Same place, same conditions, no training at all.

What made the difference?

1. Stretching before the race
2. 20 minutes of multiple zen switch drills prior to the start. Gave me a "good feeling of rotation" + "proper catch"

If you also have a "NEW, NON-AUTOMATIC TI stroke", I recommend you try this before a race. The DRILL will prepare your body to swim in the proper way. ALEX
I will give this a try. I am preparing for a 1 mile swim race in Whiskeytown, CA in mid-September. I did a practice swim the other day of about 3/4 of a mile in Castle Lake, and did drills the first 10 minutes, and then tried to focus on speeding up a bit. My husband, my faithful watcher, said that after speeding up, I began listing to the right.

What was up?? I recall feeling my stroke fall apart a bit, so I'd slow down for a few, but as I fatigued, I kept listing right.

Any thoughts??

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