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Default No Nose Clip

(It's an honour to be the one to make the crickets stop chirping in this area.)

It seems that someone stole my nose clip. No matter. I successfully did a few flips without getting water up my nose. As was pointed out, starting to exhale *before* starting the flip is critical. Otherwise, even a steady exhale during the flip won't keep the water out of my nose.

Also, I was able to do inverted streamlining for a short distance without too much water getting in my nose. Actually, the water seems to get in as I surface. (Some people seem to have a similar problem when learning to roll to air like I did.) For me the distance must be short because I run out of air, and maybe because my nose is relatively big. hehe (See my profile picture.)

How much does lung capacity and nose size affect inverted swimming?

I'd recommend the Speedo "competition" nose clip for such practice. I miss it. T_T
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