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Originally Posted by Danny View Post

Suzanne, I did get Terry's DVD on butterfly some years ago, but had trouble with the technique he was advocating. As you say, he advocates letting buoyancy bring you back to the surface. In the meantime, I am finding that using the up-kick is an easier way to accomplish the same thing. By using the up-kick in a conscious manner, I am already well-positioned for the down-kick when my arms go in up front. I think my problem with buoyancy was that I forgot about the lower half of my body while waiting for my head to rise and, as a result, I was out of body position.

Interesting, I'll have to take more note of the up-kick and how it relates specifically to recovery.

But when taking those clinics from Teryr like I mentioned, he let the legs hang low on purpose which actually can place them in a good position to gently kick the body into streamline as the recovery arms go in.

it's par to fthe learning progression to develop the timing, not necessarily how you'd approach full stroke.

if you let hte legs / hips sink, and gently le tthe knees bend, when you recovery thearms (early release, throw them forward) and gently kick the knees straight then the whole body arrives in streamline at once.

I'll play with your play with my bent knee kick into streamline...and we'll meet back here to discuss.
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