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Originally Posted by woodbldr View Post
I do not have any trouble when I do drills, only when I begin to put everything together. I watched the breathing lessons in the Easy Freestyle video and I read the recent thread by Nicodemus... My questions are if this is "normal" for a beginning swimmer, or am I expecting too much too soon?
I can sympathize!

The TI bug bit me only 4 months ago, and big was my disappointment when I kept "falling apart" like many have mentioned. I too read and read forum posts, tried everything I could find, but remain exhausted and out of breath.

This is what eventually started working for me:

In my case, I realized that I started to roll towards air much too late. My recovering hand was already nearly stretched - I think I unconsciously waited for that "stretched" feeling to naturally force my body into the roll. This late roll resulted in an uneven stroke (because I NEEDED the air!) and still being out of breath.

With deliberate attention, I then tried to start roll with my core as soon as my recovery hand entered the water. This gave me much more time to breath, relaxing me.

And, once relaxed, and could start focus on other areas to improve my stroke. I have a LOT to improve on still, but can swim at 21-23 SPL for close to a mile now. Maybe my "aha" can help you.
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