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Trek, thanks for reinforcing a focal point that I start with during warm-ups and that quite often fades when I begin to concentrate on different concepts such as balance, kick timing, position of hand entry, and coordinating entry with hip rotation.

I have not mastered the "one goggle in, one goggle out" technique yet, but it's just a matter of time. I find three challenges with keeping my head barely at the surface when breathing.

1. In my quest for propulsion, I often "power rotate" which creates a great deal of force and brings my head too quickly to the surface to be able to stop at the desired point. Ironically this over-rotation does nothing for my forward propulsion.

2. If my body is even slightly angled up hill, I end up lifting my head to get the necessary air.

3. When I get tired I tend to rush for air, and pull my head up way too much. My experience tells me that this will cause my hips to drop, which makes my body assume more of an uphill position. Drag increases, I need even more effort to maintain speed, and the head comes up much faster and higher than the previous stroke. My mind knows the solution to stop this cycle, but I have not learned the discipline to break this habit when I get fatigued.

Thanks again for pointing out this critical tip for smooth swimming. I personally wish that my gap between discovery and proper execution was not so wide.
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