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Originally Posted by terry View Post

If you remain unable to swim freestyle with the same ease, and for the same relatively limitless distance, as breaststroke, it's because you have not yet truly mastered Balance. If you want to overcome this limitation, I suggest you devote 100 percent of your practice to Balance driils and whole-stroke with Balance thoughts....

...Swim 25FR25BR until you can swim 1km or more, easily recovering from any sense of breathlessness that occurs during the 25FR during one length of BR. Then progress to 50FR25BR -- 75FR25BR . . .100FR25BR -- until it's no longer necessary to swim BR
TERRY: Fantastic historical perspective. Thanks. I had no idea that people crossed the Channel as early as 1875 and Freestyle was actually "imported by Europens".

BALANCE being the problem for sustainable Freestyle?
For sure it is one of the 2 problems. When I hear of people feeling perfectly supported by the water, I think about how easy it is to paddle with your hands while lying on a surf board. You feel as if there is no Drag at all.
That is not at all what my Freestyle feels like.
I only achieve that feeling after Balance drills for 10x50m.

I like the idea of mixed FS-BR intervals. Doing FS + Pause intervals allows you to rest so that your next interval feels as relaxed as the previous one.
Replacing the pause with Breast Stroke also helps to lower the Heart Rate but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to transfer the smooth Breastroke breathing pattern to Freestyle.

Will keep everyone posted. ALEX
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