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I had to read Terry's post out loud to the rest of the household. Some history leading into a helpful technique to improve ones swimming.

Being a new swimmer, for the most part improper breaststroke, a lousy kick and a high head, I can really appreciate the story. Only in the past couple of months have I realized I need to streamline my breaststroke. I came to a conclusion that I can practice Superman Glide while doing the bs, due to the depth of the pool. The pool I swim in is too deep to push off from the bottom of the pool. Just the other night my daughter convinced me to try the shallow kids side of the pool where I am able to performed SG much easier. But I will continue to do the breaststroke superman glide in the deep section, the kids side is usually busy.

So much information here, thanks, it is wonderful input.

Isn't it true the butterfly derived from the breaststroke?
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