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Default BREATHING: Freestyle vs Breast Stroke.

What conclusion do you draw when you can swim 1 MILE non-stop in Breaststroke.... but barely 100m in Freestyle?

My guess is that the following check-list is needed to be able to swim 1 MILE in Freestyle:
1. Good technique & balance (to minimize energy consumption per stroke cycle)
2. Good breathing technique (inhale, exhale)
3. Good breathing stamina = fitness
4. Good muscular endurance = fitness

I used to think 1 is good enough, but I fall short in 2,3,4.

But then, the breaststroke thought crossed my mind: "if I managed to have the exact same relaxed breathing pattern in FS as I have in Breaststroke... would I also be able to Swim a MILE in Freestyle?"

Or does the Freestyle stroke require more energy and therefore a higher fitness level than breaststroke?

Thanks for your comments. ALEX
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