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Hey woodbldr,
I was hoping I was going to have something profound to share about breathing durring whole stroke after my first lesson, but my lesson didn't really get that far.
After watching me swim a few laps, my coach had me start at square one.This doesn't mean I didn't learn anything that would help me with breathing (I do understand that it is "one long chain of events and if there is a problem with one link the entire chain is compromised to some extent"),I just didn't get to work on any specific breathing drills.
I f I can add anything, it would be how important it is to have a TI buddy, or coach or other TI forum swimmers take a look at your stroke or even have yourself filmed so you can see exactly whats going on.I did see a good link by the stroke doctor on one of the other breathing forums.
This was posted by mjm.It's worth checking out, if you haven't already. And don't forget to chime in with any new insights.
Swim long and prosper\\//
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