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Default The same struggle

jmsavi-male,50yr old, norcal (thought it might be a good idea to get that out of the way(but with much respect Naj)) :)
I am struggling with the exact same thing Woodbldr and have spent many hours ready posts and watching videos of Terry and Shinji trying to figure out what is going wrong when I breath durring whole stroke.When I watch videos of Terry or Shinji the breath seems to happen so quickly its difficult to see the actual mechanics.In fact on Shinji's demo, when they show the head-on, above water shot it's difficult to tell when he takes a breath(truly art in motion).I found that if I'm having a problem on the stroke following my breathing stroke its because of not rotating enough, but this is a "beginners self analysis" and correcting this seems to be a challenge for me.
I think O2 IN H2O is agood idea and is going to be my next purchase.I also have a lesson coming up next week and I'll repost after I get a masters opinion.
Swim long and prosper \\// and welcome to the club
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