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Default Breathing

My problem is the bloated stomach! When I started from the wall, I could relax and swim (visualized to be effortless) with breathing every 4 strokes until I got to about 22 yards. There I struggled B/C I did not have enough air and choked. Breathing air in through my mouth brought a lot of gas into the stomach. When I rested at the walll, I had to burb to empty out the gas. Then started the next lap.

I did not ask my great TI instructor, Master Kevin, this question months ago in a workshop b/c I just thought about this problem yesterday. Kevin knows I'm fit as I still give Muay Thai training to people in this small town 15-20 hours a week. Oh, well, when I do that the breathing flow is in reverse, in by nose and out by mouth. So, no problem. Thanks for your help! Piyavat Napatalung
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