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Originally Posted by bkjagadish View Post
.....???..i don't know what ' cat litter ' has to do with this (TI ) swimming specific site like this ??..i hope that dear Shuumai has not posted this by mistake !!...i look forward to his insightful views on the topic...
It is related in the same way the topic of smoking and athletic performance is related. If there is tightness in the lungs, you can't swim as well. I've experienced unusual tightness in the lungs for some unknown reason. It rarely happens, but knowing the cause would be useful. If other people have noticed a connection to dusty cat litter, that would be a clue.

I've been wanting to get a dust mask but I keep forgetting. I do change the litter outside, but the routine scooping is done inside. To make it worse, I think I breathe through my mouth to avoid the cat odours.
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