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If it's 30 degrees from the point of exit from the water of the recovery hand, then I've been doing that all along. So, my problem must lie somewhere else.

You say that in your case, you take just one extra stroke for backstroke than freestyle. Since there's so much more glide in the freestyle and so little glide in backstroke, it's hard to believe that the glide in freestyle ends up reducing your stroke count by only one relative to backstroke. It seems to me the differential should be a lot more than one stroke.

In my case, my stroke differential is 4 strokes (16 freestyle and 20 backstroke). Could it be it's because I'm using a 2-beat kick for backstroke?
Does the standard 6-beat backstroke kick contribute significantly to reducing the stroke count?

I tried doing the exercise of alternately pulling on the right side and then on the left side and deliberately inserting two kicks between switching from one side to the other side in order to simulate the "glide" phase. Doing this uses up 14 strokes already. If I eliminate the two kicks between switching sides (the "glide") and alternately pull on the right and left sides continuously, my stroke count increases by 6 for a total of 20.

So, I can't figure out whether my high stroke count is due to insufficient glide or something else.

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