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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
Also, arunks, could you be more specific about what you mean when you say you want to improve your aerobic fitness? What are you struggling with ? Distance? Breathign? repeatability of faster training sets?
I feel I need to be more fit in general. I have not been into treadmilling, running(I do love to run but for short distances), same with cycling.(I don't know if this is this a problem with attitude or if some people are more suited with sprint than endurance)
I love swimming(just the feel of the water,flowing through the fluid),Yoga, bodyweight calisthenics (ex. squats, pushups, pullups..) trekking and a few other outdoor activities.
The Tabata interval exercise I thought was a great way to improve aerobic fitness for swimming given the short workout.
Thanks to TI I think I have improved on my swimming technique a lot since I started. But I still find it difficult to swim a long distance at a stretch. I have improved on relaxation aspect, breathing and SL and still improving on these but I feel Good swimming=Good technique + fitness.
So the part of the equation that i also need to work on is fitness.


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