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Originally Posted by ian mac View Post
After reading the study, you might want to try 6 weeks of 8 x 25m @30sec, sprinting as mindfully hard as possible without giving way to loss of form during your prctices. If you decide to do this, I would love to know the results.
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I've considered this in the past for swimiming specific issues and the 8 x 25 on 30 is apretty good target But if you read the study protocol, I think they were doing this about 3-4 times per week for 6 weeks to get the results seen. (the original study was in cyclists doing an adaptation of a speedskater protocol that the japanese skaters had already been doing in training). Correct me if I'm wrong...was there also a study taht involved speed skaters and not just cyclists?

Nevertheless, the protocol is used in a lot of other dryland stuff like cross fit and otehr "functional" fitness programs.

The protocol is MOST helpful for those who need to improve their anaerobic fitness as well. if you are mostly looking for pure aerobic improvements, training with time spent at or near Vo2 is a nice option.

of coruse in swimming, all of this is moot if form goes to crap while doing the admonishment of being mindful is key. If your SPL goes from 22 to 30 while doing your 8 x 25 all out, you're not workign your swimming muscles aerobic conditioning, you're workign your thrashign muscles aerobic (and anaerobic) conditioning.

As with anything (speedskating, throwing weights around, etc), if you can't be mindful of your form then you are not ready to do it yet.
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