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Originally Posted by PASA View Post
They often have clearance suits for relatively little $.
But for my money, I'd get a Speedo Endurance fabric suit - jammer or brief. Jammer would be best for modesty (that's what I wear). The fabric lasts much longer than typical suits.

It may feel odd at first, but the drag reduction could be dramatic compared to board shorts.

Also, I recommend using a product called Suit Solutions for a rinse. It neutalizes chlorine. Put about 3 cap fulls in a bucket of water to use for a week to rinse your suits. Change the water out once per week. Really prolongs the life of the suit.
Thanks for the suggestions pertaining to care of the suit, yet I have looked at some clearance stuff and it is still $20 or so. Therefore, since I rather not spend $20 and then not like the suit, I just threw the request out there after a couple folks were so encouraging.
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