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Originally Posted by ames View Post
Spearing too deep can pull you too far underwater and then you have to almost roll upside down to breathe. Try spearing straight out to 3:00 if you think this may be the problem.

Swimming too slow can be a problem too, you may not have enough momentum to stay near the surface.


I never really thought about that, but now that you mention it, I am slicing in at 11:00 to noon (left arm) and noon to 1:00 (right arm) sweeping or sculling directly below my torso. That pulls the "low side" of my body toward the bottom. That forces me to rotate that 135 degrees. Thanks for the insight, and I'll give your suggestion a try when I go to the pool next.

Still will consider a Speedo, though along with Ames' suggestion, if anyone is willing to let one go...

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