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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
Ask yourself this question...when you see other people in the pool who maybe are a little overweight, have a belly hanging out, wobbly triceps or thighs that brush you think to yourself, "I'm so embarrased for that person, they shouldn't be wearing a swimsuit, they should cover up!"

I'm guessing not. So why feel that way about yourself? Just get over it, buy a speedo and get to getting better in the pool!

Go get some speedos, have a swim, then let us know how it goes!
Okay, you might be saying "Excuses, excuses..." But I am reluctant to spend $20 or more on a suit to just try it, and then may end up hating it; and those things are not able to be returned for health reasons. My budget is tight, and I want to make "sound" purchases rather than buying something just to give it a shot. I am not a large guy by any means, so the belly or other physical build characters are not the issue, but I am a modest person... But in the end it comes down to wise spending. I know it may sound strange, but anyone got a spare pair sitting around that they are willing to let go of, since folks are so encouraging?

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