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Default Progression to completely "overcompensating"... or that is how I describe it

I have spent the last year taking everything into account that I have read and acquired from many folks on here, hoping that things would finally click. But something is just not quite right. I find myself going back to the fundamentals over and over - revisiting drills and skills that I feel I should have moved beyond at this point. I get to a stage in my swimming where I feel comfortable in the water ready to actually move beyond the "introductory" level of swimming, then I slip back.

Here is a summary of where I got stuck a few months ago, and now where I am at. A person, that is at the pool who swims the same time I go, and I had a conversation about drag and resistance; where I felt exhausted rather than relaxed. The issue about my left arm came up, and I eventually have been able to work with that situation pretty well, but another resistance issue surfaced. I have been swimming with board shorts just more out of feeling self-conscious and modest; yet the pool partner suggested I start using a Speedo, even if it was a jammer type to start with. I did not think the type of suit made a difference in the end, and I'm still trying to figure all of that out. He still insists on the suit thing, believing it will be one more step in a "right direction." What is your folks' take on that? But this is not what the heart of the post is about because I am figuring my resistance issue stems from this next piece.

The heart of the matter is that I'm in a rut right now when it comes to my breathing in freestyle. I always roll up to my right side because the weak left arm get in the way of actually rolling up to the left and getting enough air. But to go a bit further here, as I roll up to get air I am still practically rolling my head up roughly 135 degrees in order to get air in while rolling my torso roughly 90 degrees; and I know it really does not require anything beyond 60 degrees for the torso and anything beyond 90 degrees for the head... Hence, I return to the basics to correct this overcompensation, and feel like I am not getting anywhere beyond a handful of laps before I call it quits. Now what?
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