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I see what you mean Bob, and whilst I am generally forgiving when comes to marketing unverifiable claims, it's true that I more easily fall for companies who try to are more conservative, and do promote what they deliver.

Anyway, my perception of total immersion is a bit different than what's outlined in this description.

As a swim coach, for me TI rimes with a complete system that addresses the 4 strokes. There are not that many when you think about it. Respect for that. Of course, Free sells much much more than breast and back. But the material was done, and is available. So please. Do not abandon the 3 other strokes and this should be part of your description.

Also, when I think TI I obviously think Terry Laughlin, who just like Armstrong (Neil, not Lance) was the first (at least in my opinion) to establish a world class system. It's not easy to be the first. Soooo much passion too in the early days material.

Being the first to plant his flag on the world wide web was a huge thing. I come from a background where we used to teach in a way which is very similar, certainly compatible to TI. On our evaluation charts, we'd need to look for grimaces, or any sign of discomfort. We were not allowed to let swimmers being tensed, and add technical complexity on top of that. Balance was extremely important to teach, etc... But these paces were too rare, back to when I began (1988). Terry showed up shortly after and started to make this material available to the whole world.

The most efficient, etc swim technique? That I don't know. No one knows. The most efficient system to teach fundamentals of swimming (being relaxed, floating well, being streamlined)? Hmmmm I'd probably bet 5$ it actually is (among www companies at least). Total Immersion certainly comes top 3 in unique purposeful drill design. Romanov from Pose I believe got quite creative, but I think TI still has more. Pose does not address the beginner clientele at all, and beginners are probably the one who need drilling the most.

Anyway, Terry (since I believe you're following this). Anything would do, and what you wrote is awesome. You're a pioneer, an artist. So the above is by no means a criticism.

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