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Originally Posted by CoachBobM View Post
I've heard that the 15m limit was imposed because people were afraid that somebody was going to overdo the underwater dolphin and drown. The 15m limit applies, btw, regardless of whether the pool length is 50m, 25m, or 25y.
This makes perfect sense to me....there certainly could be accidental drownings occurring during practice because of this.

Also....I was reviewing this a bit, it doesn't seem as though the UDK is as advantageous as I thought....It's faster than the backstroke and breast stroke, but not the butterfly and freestyle. At least for now! ....Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

Check out this link. Somebody had posted the swim, but didn't include the details. Hill Taylor, aka Dolphin Man, just set the world record for Backstroke if he hadn't been disqualified. 23.1 seconds is super fast and is a world record for swimming on your back.

Does anyone know how fast someone has swum 50 M doing the Underwater Dolphin on their stomach and how that compares to the Freestyle World Record?
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